Causes, Prevention and Control of Moths in Central London, UK

Much has been told about the moths and this tiny insect is so popular that everybody knows at least something about it. The small yet powerful creature likes to live with us and causes varieties of damages to our food, cloth, and house alike. So now let’s get into the details.

What are the causes of moth infestation?

Nothing to surprise; knowing or unknowingly we invite the months to our houses. Most of the time When we bring home the food items from the store or purchase new clothes without thoroughly checking the presence of the moths they get an entry to our home and directly sit inside the wardrobe or food containers. It has even been noticed that the moths get into the house through the door and window openings. The lights in our house at night most attract the moths. Though it is difficult to pinpoint the cause of the infestation, the damage caused by the moths is widely felt by anyone. If used clothes with traces of sweat left unattended for a long time and carpets not cleaned or inspected regularly proves to be the favorable ground for growth, reproduction, and damage.

How To Prevent Moth Infestation? 

“Prevention is better than cure” and this is true for moth infestation as well. There are various preventive measures available to follow. Some of the effective ways are mentioned below:

  1. There are varieties of moths but the casemaking and the webbing clothes moth majorly damage the clothes. So do check your wardrobes at frequent intervals to ensure no moth is present. If you find one or two just kill them and clean the wardrobe to stop further growth. Not the adults but the babies/larves cause the real damage to the clothes. So the primary preventive measure is CLEAN, CLEAN AND CLEAN your clothes, wardrobe, rugs, carpets, and kitchen as well
  2. Keeping clothes in airtight bags or containers may be after freezing, heating or sun drying
  3. There are some fragrant herbs that repel moths, including cedar oil, rosemary, thyme, cloves, lavender, and bay leaves. You can keep these items in the high risk areas
  4. Cleaning the wardrobe with vinegar and water solution
  5. Keep the food or grains in airtight containers
  6. Keep the wardrobe and kitchen well ventilated
  7. Have moth repellent spray sold in the market at home for quick removal

How to Control Moth Infestation?

All the preventive measures sometimes fail to keep your house or clothes moth-proof. But a quick response can effectively control the moths. Because any delay in seeking professional advice only gives time to the moths to further increase the infestation and ultimately the damage. So once you find the home remedies are not working consult with a moth control specialist and set up a plan.

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