House Moths: A Major Cause of Concern, Prevention, and Treatment Tips

There are about 1,60,000 species of moths found globally and 2500 in the UK among them. Moths are a blessing in disguise to mankind as they play an important role in pollination. They are undoubtedly good friends of nature but their entry into the homes is a major cause of concern even though a few of those species get attracted to your homes. They may not be a terribly dangerous household pest but the larves damage fabrics, sofas, carpets and sometimes cause allergic reactions. When you discover such an issue, you must seek the help of a pest prevention specialist in nearby areas.

What invites moths to the house? 

Generally, the house gets infested by majorly two types of moths: Clothes moths and Pantry moths. But how do they get into your house? The most common thing that attracts these moths is light. You might have noticed them around the outdoor lights and flocking into your house through the windows and doors. Generally, light brings the pantry moths into your house and they can be found in flour, bran, and biscuits whereas the clothes moths attract clothes or fabrics that are made of materials derived from animals. They like your sweat and body fluid to lay their eggs. The most common characteristic is reproduction when they reach adulthood.

How Serious Moths Can Be? 

Different types of moths have different characteristics and abilities to cause damage to your home. The severity can be ascertained only after knowing the type and the overall size of infestation that you have. Moths can pose health hazards like skin irritation to respiratory issues. They can damage your clothes, fabrics, carpets, furniture, and food items as well. It is better to take the help of a professional moth control service provider for your residential and commercial buildings. Early detection of the moths of course minimizes the damages.

Preventions Tips: Prevention is better than cure and this is true for everything. A little awareness and effort may keep the pests away from your home. Here are some tips to keep your commercial or residential buildings months free.

  1. Regular Mopping, Vacuuming, and Dusting the Floors, Carpets and Moldings: Dust and dirt are the best abodes for the moths. So keep your home clean. Importantly, the cracks on the floors, areas under the furniture and carpets need special attention while cleaning. Remember, moths lay down their eggs in the unreachable areas of your house. 
  1. Moths Traps: These are sticky flypaper covered with moth pheromones to attract the adults. Once they are stuck to the paper, they can’t escape and eventually die. This helps to stop the reproduction process and thereby the infestation.
  1. Cedarwood and Cedar Oil: Get home some cedar furniture as the fragrant oil in it repels the pests from your home. But over the time the fragrance reduces and this can be compensated by spraying cedar oil on it. It is one of the best natural ways to keep your homes pest free.
  1. Use of Herbs: Nature gives you a problem along with its solution. The spreading of moths can effectively be controlled with the help of some widely available herbs like rosemary, lavender, bayleaf, and thyme. Hang crushed and powdered  bags of these herbs in the areas like cupboards where you keep food containers, wardrobes and other places where you store your clothes and fabrics. Moths hate the smell of these herbs and repel from the house. 
  1. Extreme Hot or Cold: Moth larvaes can’t sustain in extreme temperatures. So if you feel any of your clothes have moth larvae in it, you can simply put them into the freezers for about 24 hours or apply extreme heat to kill them. Make sure you know how much heat a particular fabric can withstand. 
  1. Vinegar: Apply vinegar wherever you find the larves. It disinfects the affected areas to a greater extent.
  1. Try Calling a Pests Prevention Specialist: A specialist understands the pests better and provides effective solutions for your home. It is better to get your home or office inspected by a moth killer professional for better prevention. 

The Ultimate Moth Treatments for Your Home: In spite of all the preventive measures taken, the high possibility of your home or clothes getting affected by the moths can’t be denied. In such a scenario your home needs better treatment to eradicate the moths. Make sure you get it done by a professional moth control agency to ensure quality pest control.

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