Moth Control and Treatment Services for Residential and Commercial, UK

Fed up of moths in your residential and commercial areas? Here’s everything you need to know about moths and how to recover your concern areas from their infestation., the Premier moth control shop in the UK is having the best pest control service, professionals. We know what it takes to protect your carpets and clothes from beetles and moths. With over 25 years of expertise, we’re providing the best moth control service in the UK. is a small company offering a specialist moth and carpet beetle eradication and prevention service. Our technician is well equipped to find a solution and prevent any further damage to your much-loved clothes and carpets. Also offering a quarterly service program to renew any lure treatments and to monitor the situation and act on any new infestations.

We carry out a thorough inspection of your property including the area of concern and other areas where moths and carpet beetles could cause problems. After identifying the pest, we will work out the best approach for wiping out your moths or carpet beetles, and we will implement our best solution. First, we will spray affected areas i.e. under low height furniture and other areas where moths are more likely to Inhabitat. After that, insect monitors will be installed, wherever necessary. Then, we will use an ultra-low volume (ULV) application to eradicate the adult moths and prevent further cloning.  

Moth Killers, the leading professional moth control and treatment services provider in Central London offers you dependable, quality, and professional service with cost-effective and affordable solutions. The occasional problems with moth infestation can charge through clothing, furniture, food, other fabrics and can also cause allergic reactions too. Therefore moth killing products, cleaning, and storage techniques can help to get rid of moths and beetles. 
So, help your family, friends, and professional services to eradicate moths to stop damage to clothing, carpets, and rugs. We are one of the leading professional services in moth killers. Great customer service; contact Moth Killers today at 08000 778 220 or email at to prevent any future damage.